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Lucy Liu, Dana Barron Nude

Lucy Liu, Dana Barron "City of Industry" (1997)

Lucy Liu -City of Industry- Dana Barron -City of Industry- Lucy Liu -City of Industry- Lucy Liu -City of Industry-

Four people decide to rob a jewelry store. Surprisingly, the crime goes without the slightest trouble. But when it comes to dividing the jackpot, one of the accomplices, Skip, left dissatisfied with his share, will send two others to the next world, take the booty and hide in an unknown direction, making only one fatal mistake, leaving the last member of the gang alive. Only Roy manages to escape, wounded, he gets to the motel. Now, finding and punishing the Skip becomes a priority for him. But the enemy does not sleep and sends murderers on the trail of Roy...
Lucy Liu topless dances a striptease in a bar.
The guy, stretching the belt on his trousers, pulled off the skirt from Dana Barron and exposed her ass.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1040

1:05 ; 71,9mb