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Abigail Clayton Nude

Abigail Clayton "Maniac" (1980)

Abigail Clayton -Maniac- Abigail Clayton -Maniac- Abigail Clayton -Maniac- Abigail Clayton -Maniac-

Deserted beach. The guy and the girl lie under a woolen blanket, closely clinging to each other. They do not see a stranger watching them from the hill. A few minutes later, a noose and a razor will end the lives of young people... and an elderly man will wake up screaming in his bed. Such nightmares haunt the lonely house manager Frank Zito. Frank is a maniac who hunts people every day. He kills with wild cruelty, scalping dead women to add to his home collection. The police are looking for a psychopath, but she is not the main enemy of Zito. Frank's madness is slowly killing him, causing terrible depression and monstrous hallucinations.
Abigail Clayton after a hard day, coming home, undresses and sits naked in a bubble bath.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1038

0:44 ; 47,5mb