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Louise Bourgoin, Pauline Etienne Nude

Louise Bourgoin, Pauline Etienne "L'autre monde" (2010)

Louise Bourgoin -L'autre monde- Pauline Etienne -L'autre monde- Louise Bourgoin -L'autre monde- Pauline Etienne -L'autre monde-

In a quiet resort town in the south of France, Gaspard and his girlfriend Marion (Pauline Etienne) find a mobile phone, after reading an SMS in which they learn that its owner (Louise Bourgoin) will be at the local chapel at a certain time. Watching her and her companion from afar, the guys begin to feel some kind of mystery that encourages further surveillance, and eventually get into trouble when it turns out that a strange couple intended to commit suicide in front of a camera in a car. Only the girl can be saved, and everything would be fine if Gaspard hadn’t taken the very camera with the “last” minutes of the mysterious beauty’s life, and didn’t find out that she can be met in the online game "Black Hole", and registration in this game leads the guy to the most unexpected consequences.
Louise Bourgoin takes off her red dress and goes naked into the blue water of the pool.
Pauline Etienne allows the guy to take off her bra and caresses his buttocks while kissing.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1080

3:07 ; 196mb