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Linda Fiorentino Nude

Linda Fiorentino "After Hours" (1985)

Linda Fiorentino -After Hours- Linda Fiorentino -After Hours- Linda Fiorentino -After Hours- Linda Fiorentino -After Hours-

Paul Hackett has had bad luck since the beginning. That pen will stop writing, then twenty bucks will fly out the window. At night, after work, he meets an extraordinary girl (Linda Fiorentino). Fascinated by her charisma, he, without hesitation, agrees to go to visit her. But the anticipation of a pleasant pastime turns into a tragicomic nightmare. The hysteria of a new acquaintance and her threats to commit suicide lead Paul into complete confusion, and as a result he finds himself immersed in the adventures of the criminal hell of huge New York.
Linda Fiorentino, standing in the doorway, removes her black bra, exposing her breasts, turns around and leaves.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1038

0:12 ; 13,7mb