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Marie-Josee Croze, Lisa Werlinder Nude

Marie-Josee Croze, Lisa Werlinder "Munich" (2005)

Marie-Josee Croze -Munich- Marie-Josee Croze -Munich- Lisa Werlinder -Munich- Marie-Josee Croze -Munich-

During the Olympic Games in Munich, a terrible crime was committed. As a result of a bloody terrorist attack, eleven Israeli citizens were killed. What happened shocked the whole world. The Israeli government could not withstand such a blow and prepared an action of retribution. A group of Israeli agents eliminate high-ranking radicals and those involved in the crime. Each action is carefully planned.
Anticipating an imminent execution, Marie-Josee Croze takes off her robe and tries to seduce the executioners, but all attempts are in vain and after two shots she slowly dies.
Lisa Werlinder is completely naked, screaming and crying in the ruins after the explosion.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 812

1:22 ; 86,5mb