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Lisa Eichhorn Nude

Lisa Eichhorn "Opposing Force" (1986)

Lisa Eichhorn -Opposing Force- Lisa Eichhorn -Opposing Force- Lisa Eichhorn -Opposing Force- Lisa Eichhorn -Opposing Force-

A squad of elite soldiers, few man and one woman (Lisa Eichhorn), is created for executing an extremely complicated training mission. Using the parachutes they landing on a distant island, where they need to reach the restricted area. But soon mission going not as expected, soldiers get captived, and regular the training turns into a real deadly bloody mess.
Lisa Eichhorn and other soldiers in a jungle jail are completely nude get washed by a stream of water. By the command of the warder, Lisa takes off the uniform and show the boobs and bum to her tormentor.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 368

1:48 ; 33,8mb