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Yoima Valdes Nude

Yoima Valdes "800 Bullets" (2002)

Yoima Valdes -800 Bullets- Yoima Valdes -800 Bullets- Yoima Valdes -800 Bullets- Yoima Valdes -800 Bullets-

On a film set in the Almeria area, where famous Hollywood westerns were once filmed, Carlos, the grandson of former veteran stuntman Julian, who is now aging in an atmosphere of decadence and alcoholism, unexpectedly appears. The joy of their first meeting overshadows the gloomy past of his grandfather, whom the boy's mother Laura considers the main culprit in the death of his father, who died many years ago during filming. Julian and his entourage far from an angelic society, which is kept from a split only by the local police and the possibility of joint earnings.
Yoima Valdes takes off her panties and bra and lays naked in bed with a guy drinking whiskey from a bottle.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 804

2:32 ; 166mb