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Selma Blair, Aleksa Palladino Nude

Selma Blair, Aleksa Palladino "Storytelling" (2001)

Selma Blair -Storytelling- Selma Blair -Storytelling- Aleksa Palladino -Storytelling- Selma Blair -Storytelling-

A literature student named Vi (Selma Blair), who, along with other aspiring writers, is in the course of a afroamerican professor Scott. He, realizing the mediocrity of the wards, humiliates the young men with low marks, and uses the girls (Aleksa Palladino) for their "sexual purpose". However,  girls students themselves are not averse to have sex with him. Vi fucks by literature teacher. The next day, having written a story, she reads it to the class, and everyone says that it is fiction, and the teacher reasonably notices that, appearing on paper, the story immediately becomes fiction and just an unproven story. The students accuse her of racism, rudeness and baseness of the characters, despite the fact that everything was real.
Selma Blair with pink hair and naked boobs has sex with her boyfriend.
Aleksa Palladino shows naked tits and a huge bush in various poses in photos.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 368

3:23 ; 64,8mb