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Hafsia Herzi Nude

Hafsia Herzi "Elle s'en va" (2013)

Hafsia Herzi -Elle s'en va- Hafsia Herzi -Elle s'en va- Hafsia Herzi -Elle s'en va- Hafsia Herzi -Elle s'en va-

Bettie, now in her 60s, runs a restaurant with her mother, and both of them are good looking and full of vitality. Also, despite her age, the main character continues to live her personal life: she is sad because of the betrayal of her lover, drives a car, drinks at a bar and wakes up in the morning with a barely familiar smuggler... In a word, a woman's life does not stand still. Bettie has problems with her grandchildren. Relations with the daughter are very tense, as well as with the mother. No matter what twists and turns fate throws at Bettie, the life of a Frenchwoman is filled with meaning and feelings only when an interesting man appears next to her.
Naked Hafsia Herzi talking on the phone while lying on the bed.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1036

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