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Alexandria Lee Nude

Alexandria Lee "The Trust" (2016)

Alexandria Lee -The Trust- Alexandria Lee -The Trust- Alexandria Lee -The Trust- Alexandria Lee -The Trust-

In Las Vegas, the already middle-aged, but still energetic policeman Jim Stone is serving, believing that sooner or later luck will smile at him. Working in the evidence department, Stone cannot count on any serious money, and therefore he sometimes has to circumvent the law in order to somehow improve his financial situation. One day, he becomes aware of the safe of a gang of dangerous drug dealers and Stone decides to get it at all costs, because based on the information available, the criminals keep something valuable there and it is worth fighting for. Calling for help suffering from the imperfection of life, David Waters, a colleague in the endless and uninteresting red tape in the police service, Stone conceives a swift and somewhat insane robbery.
Naked Alexandria Lee rides a cop, then brushes her teeth.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1040

0:36 ; 40,4mb