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Catherine Deneuve Nude

Catherine Deneuve "Belle de jour" (1967)

Catherine Deneuve -Belle de jour (1967) Catherine Deneuve -Belle de jour (1967) Catherine Deneuve -Belle de jour (1967) Catherine Deneuve -Belle de jour (1967)

A girl (Catherine Deneuve) takes a job at an elegant brothel to discover her erotic personality. She does not enjoy being in bed with her kind husband, as evidenced by her coexistence with him for several years in different beds. And soon, having entered the world of lust and debauchery, satisfying the sexual preferences of various men, the "day beauty" begins to bloom before our eyes, enjoys the erotic diversity, and changes her attitude towards her husband, who is not overjoyed that the little wife has become so liberated, hot and affectionate. And what can happen next? After all, the girl has finally found herself, and now you can just leave the lustful den, starting a really new life.
Catherine Deneuve's naked body is visible through a black transparent cloak as she follows the butler down the hallway.

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