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Valentina Cervi Nude

Valentina Cervi "Artemisia" (1997)

Valentina Cervi -Artemisia- Valentina Cervi -Artemisia- Someone -Artemisia- Valentina Cervi -Artemisia-
Someone -Artemisia- Someone -Artemisia- Someone -Artemisia- Someone -Artemisia-

Young Artemisia (Valentina Cervi) has an irrepressible lust for life, inexhaustible energy, a fanatical passion for work, and an outstanding gift for drawing. She overcomes all obstacles and taboos with perseverance and passion. And she fights for the right to be a professional artist. The most famous fact of her biography, namely the scandal associated with her deprivation of virginity by a Florentine colleague and the subsequent trial of both of them, became the basis for the plot for this film with an abundance of explicit sex scenes.
Valentina Cervi takes a mirror, takes off her dressing gown and looks at the reflection of her bare chest.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 368

2:29 ; 48,1mb