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Melanie Griffith, Shannah Laumeister Nude

Melanie Griffith, Shannah Laumeister "Nobody's Fool" (1994)

Melanie Griffith -Nobody's Fool- Shannah Laumeister -Nobody's Fool- Shannah Laumeister -Nobody's Fool- Shannah Laumeister -Nobody's Fool-

This is a simple story about a life of Sully, a little man from a small town, who spent most of his life away from his family. Fate gives him the chance to meet his son and grandson. A bad father can suddenly become a good grandfather. He demands compensation from his employer because of a knee injured at work, secretly works for him rival, flirts with his young wife and does not want to grow up.
Quickly, but amazing flash of Melanie Griffith breast as she shows them for an old guy.
Shannah Laumeister lost all her clothes in poker and sits naked at the table, showing us huge boobs.

Bit rate: 4000kbps
Size: 1278 x 720

2:34 ; 85,3mb