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Amber Smith, Marisol Padilla Sanchez, Shawnee Free Jones Nude

Amber Smith, Marisol Padilla Sanchez, Shawnee Free Jones "L.A. Confidential" (1997)

Amber Smith -L.A. Confidential- Shawnee Free Jones -L.A. Confidential- Amber Smith -L.A. Confidential- Marisol Padilla Sanchez -L.A. Confidential-

Welcome to Los Angeles, the city of the bright sun, wide beckoning beaches and prosperous organized crime. We even know the name of the head of the crime world. It's Mickey Cohen. After the arrest of the mafia boss, one by one, his assistants that tried to take Mickey's vacated place getting killed. In the battle with criminals, of course, involved the famous police of Los Angeles. Two fearless policemen investigating a series of murders are rivals not only at work, but also in the bed of prostitutes from an exotic brothel.
Amber Smith lay naked in the office of coroner.
The man caresses Shawnee Free Jones breasts in a hotel room when the fourth estate takes photos of them.
Distant view of Marisol Padilla Sanchez boobs when she lay tied in the bed.

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