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Angela Trimbur Nude

Angela Trimbur "Trash Fire" (2016)

Angela Trimbur -Trash Fire- Angela Trimbur -Trash Fire- Angela Trimbur -Trash Fire- Angela Trimbur -Trash Fire-

Owen every day have a quarrel with his girl Isabel (Angela Trimbur). But when she gets pregnant, before they married, Isabel insists that they should have met family of Owen, that he didn't saw many years. As a child, Owen had a horrible incident, his parents died in a fire, sister got burns, grandmother blame Owen in everything. Owen with Isabel going to establish relations with grandma and sister, but some relations better left in the past.
Angela Trimbur shows naked boobs to her boyfriend for he gets horny, but after this, he gets an epileptic seizure. Angela is washing in the bathroom and we see her naked body through the transparent curtain.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 808

1:42 ; 111mb