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Miho Nikaido, Susie Bick Nude

Miho Nikaido, Susie Bick "Flirt" (1995)

Miho Nikaido -Flirt- Susie Bick -Flirt- Miho Nikaido -Flirt- Susie Bick -Flirt-

Do we have a future? Three people in three different cities are trying to answer this question with their lovers. All three are frivolous, often falling in love and having numerous sexual connections. In New York, this is a young guy obsessed with girls. In Berlin - a afroeuropean bisexual that passionately loves men. In Tokyo, a young girl in love with both a young editor and a married teacher. All three go through the same path down to the smallest details, trying to understand, where is just flirting, and where is love.
Susie Bick plays a model and stands naked in a pillared hall until a red dress is brought and dressed to her.
Miho Nikaido dances topless wearing only a plastic bag.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1080

2:10 ; 143mb