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Camille Keaton, Irina Demick Nude

Camille Keaton, Irina Demick "Tragic Ceremony" (1972)

Camille Keaton -Tragic Ceremony- Camille Keaton -Tragic Ceremony- Camille Keaton -Tragic Ceremony- Irina Demick -Tragic Ceremony-

Three young guys with a blue-eyed girl travel through picturesque places. A guy named Joe gives Jane (Camille Keaton) a pearl necklace. According to rumors, the necklace belonged to a woman possessed by a demon. One bad day, it started to rain and the car ran out of gas. The young people stay in a small gothic mansion run by Lady Alexandra. With her sect, she arranges a mysterious ceremony and, with the help of magic, wants to sacrifice the girl.
Camille Keaton, sitting naked in the bath, tries to remove the mystical necklace.
Irina Demick's nipple is shown through bath foam.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1038

1:31 ; 106mb