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Tatum O'Neal Nude

Tatum O'Neal "Circle of Two" (1981)

Tatum O'Neal -Circle of Two- Tatum O'Neal -Circle of Two- Tatum O'Neal -Circle of Two- Tatum O'Neal -Circle of Two-

Ashley is sixty, Sarah (Tatum O'Neal) is fifteen. She is a young schoolgirl who writes short stories in her spare time, he is a former successful artist who has lost the ability to create. They meet in a dark cinema hall after watching an adult movie. Then fate again pushes them together in a cafe, where, after talking, they realize that they are interested in each other. Young Sarah becomes a lost inspiration for Ashley, making him laugh again, making him want to pick up the brush again. Ashley understands the impossibility of their union, but feelings prevail and he is unable to resist.
Tatum O'Neal stands naked in front of the elderly artist and smokes a cigar, but he very insistently asks her to get dressed.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 528

1:11 ; 10,4mb