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Cecile Cassel, Marie Ravel Nude

Cecile Cassel, Marie Ravel "La bande du drugstore" (2002)

Cecile Cassel -La bande du drugstore- Cecile Cassel -La bande du drugstore- Marie Ravel -La bande du drugstore- Cecile Cassel -La bande du drugstore-

They thought that youth would be eternal, believed in themselves and went all out... Philippe, Marc, Charlotte (Cecile Cassel) and Nathalie are not yet twenty years old, and they try to be like their favorite movie actors. They have fun, as befits the heroes of their generation - cool parties and drugs, showdowns and non-stop love, expensive cars and motorcycles, plaid miniskirts and moccasins. Guys and girls are captivated by the crazy whirlwind of discos and love adventures. They enjoy life in the nightclubs of Paris and the resorts of Normandy. Their life copies the cinema, but this does not prevent it from being real!
Cecile Cassel undresses, lies naked in bed and endures sex with a guy she doesn't like.
Marie Ravel, against the backdrop of a fire burning in the fireplace, dances a striptease in front of a guy.

Bit rate: 1300kbps
Size: 720 x 320

3:50 ; 43,3mb