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Sophie Marceau, Marie Laforet Nude

Sophie Marceau, Marie Laforet "Joyeuses Paques" (1984)

Sophie Marceau -Joyeuses Paques- Marie Laforet -Joyeuses Paques- Sophie Marceau -Joyeuses Paques- -Joyeuses Paques-
-Joyeuses Paques- Sophie Marceau -Joyeuses Paques- Sophie Marceau -Joyeuses Paques- -Joyeuses Paques-

Stephane Margelle - an elderly womanizer on Easter eve sends his beloved wife on vacation to arrange an unforgettable weekend for himself and drag a young lady who is half his age into his bed? The name of this beautiful young lady is Julie (Sophie Marceau) and she literally just broke up with her lover, who exchanged her for a man. Naturally, the elderly Stephane does not miss the opportunity to take the beautiful young lady to a restaurant and charm her with his manners and sweet-voiced speeches. And when night falls, Stephane invites the girl to their house, it would seem, what could go wrong? Perhaps the return of a wife whose flight was suddenly cancelled?
Sophie Marceau takes off her shirt, reveals her breasts and lies down in bed, while her father and mistress watching her begin to discuss her body.
Marie Laforet nude sunbathing in a sun lounger on a yacht.

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