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Barbara Sukowa, Jutta Lampe Nude

Barbara Sukowa, Jutta Lampe "Die Bleierne Zeit" (1981)

Barbara Sukowa -Die Bleierne Zeit- Jutta Lampe -Die Bleierne Zeit- Barbara Sukowa -Die Bleierne Zeit- Jutta Lampe -Die Bleierne Zeit-

Juliane (Jutta Lampe) and Marianne (Barbara Sukowa) two sisters, one rebel, the other a good girl, grow up, change places, and the already former good girl becomes a revolutionary, and her sister, who so inspired her to fight in her youth, becomes an ordinary journalist in feminist newspaper. And the question of what is better to throw bombs or hit with a word remains unresolved for the two sisters. Life for them remains a struggle, and this struggle with the structure of the world, with people around and influencing life, with relatives and strangers, the struggle with oneself is the meaning of their life.
Watched over by guard Barbara Sukowa and Jutta Lampe swap sweaters with each other and show their breasts.

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