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Marta Kober, Sandy Martin, Michelle Newkirk Nude

Marta Kober, Sandy Martin, Michelle Newkirk "Vendetta" (1986)

Marta Kober -Vendetta- -Vendetta- -Vendetta- -Vendetta-
-Vendetta- -Vendetta- -Vendetta- Sandy Martin -Vendetta-

A young girl, defending herself, kills her rapist. But the court considers this event a murder and sentences the unfortunate woman to a long prison term. A rebellious girl clashes with a local gang and is killed by forcibly drugged and thrown from a height. Her older sister Laurie is informed of the girl's suicide. Not believing in such a cause of death, Laurie goes to prison for stealing a car to find out the truth and avenge her sister.
Marta Kober undresses prison guard in hopes of a good fuck.
Sandy Martin rides on top of a guy for a dose of goods.
Naked Michelle Newkirk, along with other prisoners, takes a prison shower.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1038

2:28 ; 159mb