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Anna Galiena, Erika Savastani, Giulia De Gresy, Loredana Cannata Nude

Anna Galiena, Erika Savastani, Giulia De Gresy, Loredana Cannata "Black Angel" (2002)

Anna Galiena -Black Angel- Giulia De Gresy -Black Angel- Loredana Cannata -Black Angel- Anna Galiena -Black Angel-
Anna Galiena -Black Angel- Loredana Cannata -Black Angel- Giulia De Gresy -Black Angel- Erika Savastani -Black Angel-

Forty-year-old Livia (Anna Galiena) is married to film producer Carlo, who is 68 years old and whom she has not loved for a long time. She is beautiful, she wants feelings and passions. One day at the theater she sees a young Lieutenant Helmut and falls in love with him. Helmut is strong, handsome, rude, depraved, not letting a single whore through. A romance breaks out between them, to which from now on all life, all thoughts and feelings of Livia are dedicated. She fulfills all his whims, pays all his endless card debts and gives money for bribes, with which Helmut buys certificates that give him the right not to go to the front.
A guy kisses and caresses Erika Savastani's ass while her mistress watches them through a spyglass from the balcony.
Anna Galiena takes off her clothes and runs naked to the sea to have sex in the water.
Loredana Cannata gives a blowjob to a guy while he smokes a cigarette.
Standing on the stage, the officer rips off the top from Giulia De Gresy and exposes her large breasts.

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