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Saffron Burrows Nude

Saffron Burrows "Circle of Friends" (1995)

Saffron Burrows -Circle of Friends- Saffron Burrows -Circle of Friends-

The story begins in the harsh and beautiful Ireland of 1949 and continues eight years later. Three girlfriends, Benny, an ugly, big, but unusual girl with a sharp natural mind and a gorgeous bust, Nan (Saffron Burrows), an ambitious Irish woman who dreamed of a better life and "walked over the heads" to this and Eve. They learn, fall in love and find out world, but life circumstances develop in such a way that they become rivals and enemies. Benny has tender feelings for the young handsome Jack from her college. But Nan becomes pregnant, her lover immediately leaves her, and she finds a way out, deciding on the vile seduction of Jack. The plan is successful, and the unfortunate boy is declared the father.
The guy examines and touches the naked breasts of Saffron Burrows in the light of a candle.

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Size: 1920 x 1040

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