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Claire Forlani, Jayne Brook Nude

Claire Forlani, Jayne Brook "Into My Heart" (1998)

Claire Forlani -Into My Heart- Jayne Brook -Into My Heart- Claire Forlani -Into My Heart- Jayne Brook -Into My Heart-

Ben and Adam, childhood friends, went to university together and made plans for the future together. Everything turned out fine: the idealistic Adam married the beautiful Nina (Claire Forlani) and excelled in journalism, while the cynic Ben made a career in business. Ben eventually got married as well, and he and his wife Kat began to visit Adam and Nina often for weekends. As Adam moves further and further away from his wife and Kat makes too many demands on her husband, Ben and Nina grow closer. Their friendship is becoming closer, growing into love, and this flared passion is able to incinerate everything around them.
Topless Claire Forlani gets out of bed after talking on the phone and puts on a bra. Naked Jayne Brook opens the shower door and takes a razor.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 720 x 378

0:19 ; 5,31mb