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JoBeth Williams, Julia Jennings Nude

JoBeth Williams, Julia Jennings "Teachers" (1984)

JoBeth Williams -Teachers- JoBeth Williams -Teachers- Julia Jennings -Teachers- JoBeth Williams -Teachers-

A real scandal erupted in one of the city's schools after a graduate sued his school because, having received a certificate of education, he remained illiterate. The school administration is ready to go to any lengths to maintain its reputation, but not all teachers share the leadership's position. Alex Jurel, a civics teacher and popular with students, decides to support the students in their fight against the system, despite the threat of being fired. The journalist Lisa (JoBeth Williams) comes to his aid.
JoBeth Williams strips naked in anger in the high school hallway.
Topless Julia Jennings askin her lover why he lie that he pilot.

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Size: 1920 x 1040

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