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Ashley Greene Nude

Ashley Greene "Aftermath" (2021)

Ashley Greene -Aftermath- Ashley Greene -Aftermath- Ashley Greene -Aftermath- Ashley Greene -Aftermath-

The spouses Kevin and Natalie Dadich (Ashley Greene) are having a difficult period: their family is bursting at the seams. For a long time, Kevin cannot forgive his wife for the betrayal, which she foolishly decided on, and refuses to make love to her. Natalie's young blood boils with indignation, but immediately freezes with guilt that corrodes her consciousness. In order to cope with problems, the Dadich family, according to a good American tradition, visits a family psychologist, who finds nothing better than to offer their wards a hackneyed recipe for improving relationships - a change of scenery. The wards decide to listen to the advice of a specialist and buy a new house, wanting to start life from scratch in a new place. However, the house holds a couple of unpleasant surprises.
Ashley Greene naked has sex with a guy after a successful interview with an investor.

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