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Mia Sara Nude

Mia Sara "Apprentice to Murder" (1987)

Mia Sara -Apprentice to Murder- Mia Sara -Apprentice to Murder-

Through the endless hills and valleys, young boy Billy rushes home through the darkness. He lives a normal, predictable life. But one day on his way he meets the sorcerer and healer John Reese, an adherent of ancient practices. Under his influence, Billy becomes a participant in terrible events that he could not have imagined before. Billy believed that Reese was the messenger of God and became his disciple. And Billy becomes involved in a series of mystical and nightmarish events.
Sitting on a bed in a moonlit room, Mia Sara and her boyfriend undress each other.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1048

0:53 ; 55,6mb