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Margaret Qualley Nude

Margaret Qualley "Novitiate" (2017)

Margaret Qualley -Novitiate- Margaret Qualley -Novitiate- Margaret Qualley -Novitiate- Margaret Qualley -Novitiate-

Cathleen (Margaret Qualley) is raised by single mother Nora, who separated from her husband due to his frequent temper tantrums. One day, a not particularly believing Nora takes Cathleen with her to church for Sunday mass, where the pastor meets them, but he fails to communicate with Nora. However, Cathleen is greatly impressed by the church and the whole sacred action. After some time, Cathleen enters a school where strict Catholic rules. Cathleen realizes that she has found her future path in life by deciding to become a nun. The mother learns this with horror and tries to dissuade her daughter, but she is adamant in her choice. In the end, the mother is forced to come to terms with her daughter's decision, and Cathleen goes to a convent, where she must learn the basics of serving the Lord and, finally, take the rank. But gradually, Cathleen begins puberty, and it is extremely difficult for her to continue to follow the vows that she gave.
Margaret Qualley takes off her cassock and shows her naked body.

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