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Amy Schumer Nude

Amy Schumer "Snatched" (2017)

Amy Schumer -Snatched- Amy Schumer -Snatched- Amy Schumer -Snatched- Amy Schumer -Snatched-

Emily (Amy Schumer) is going through a bad patch in her life: her beloved boyfriend leaves her, she loses her job, and all this before a planned vacation in Ecuador. But Emily is not discouraged and is still going to go on a trip. But with whom? All the imaginary friends do not find time to go with her. As a result, she persuades her mother to go, with whom Emily has a difficult relationship, to put it mildly. Upon arrival in South America, the women are almost immediately kidnapped by a gang of Colombians. Now they have to truly rely on each other to save themselves.
Amy Schumer stands in front of a guy in a black dress from which her bare breasts fall out.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 800

0:18 ; 20,4mb