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Corinne Masiero Nude

Corinne Masiero "11.6" (2013)

Corinne Masiero -11.6- Corinne Masiero -11.6- Corinne Masiero -11.6- Corinne Masiero -11.6-

Toni Musulin is a simple man, smart, quiet, without bad habits, once stole 11.6 million euros. So, what motivated him? A mockery of the bosses who steal the last crumbs from the workers? A beggarly salary and a life from which he dreamed with all his might to escape? The combination of all these factors became the last straw, after which it was no longer possible to endure all this. After the robbery he became almost a national hero. The people, who had suffered from the impunity of their own power, saw in him a real Robin Hood who challenged the entire system. The girls wrote tons of letters to the prison. The largest French magazines wrote about him, a book was published and two feature films were shot.
Corinne Masiero, lying in bed, takes off her T-shirt, exposes her breasts and hugs her boyfriend.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 808

1:08 ; 74,6mb