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Irene Montala, Raquel Gonzalez Nude

Irene Montala, Raquel Gonzalez "Fausto 5.0" (2001)

Irene Montala -Fausto 5.0- Raquel Gonzalez -Fausto 5.0- Irene Montala -Fausto 5.0- Raquel Gonzalez -Fausto 5.0-

The story of a neurosurgeon working at a cancer research institute. Operations every day, worries, work. He has no personal life. Having gone to a medical conference in another city, he leaves his patients in the care of an assistant who harbors romantic feelings for the doctor. He is famous, wealthy, but his life is measured and predictable. But everything changes when he meets a strange man at the train station who claims to be his former patient with his stomach cut out. The Doctor is trying to get rid of a strange and frightening man.
The old man rips off Raquel Gonzalez panties and fucks her from behind and on a gurney in the medical room.
Irene Montala takes off his shirt number 18, shows a beautiful bare chest, sits on the bed, takes off his skirt and unzips the guy's trousers and gives a blowjob.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 720 x 416

2:08 ; 41,1mb