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Annie McEnroe Nude

Annie McEnroe "The Hand" (1981)

Annie McEnroe -The Hand- Annie McEnroe -The Hand- Annie McEnroe -The Hand- Annie McEnroe -The Hand-

Comic book artist Jonathan had a serious accident. He lost his right hand in a car accident. It was never found in the tall grass, and the hand has since taken on a life of its own. After the accident, Jonathan loses not only his hand, but also his job, because he can no longer draw. In addition, he quarrels with his wife Anne, with whom he had a tense relationship before. Jonathan leaves for another state, where he finds a position as a teacher, and hopes that his wife and daughter will soon join him. However, in the absence of his wife, the artist is fond of his student Stella (Annie McEnroe). Suddenly it turns out that Stella is dating his new colleague. As soon as this becomes known to Jonathan, Stella dies. She is followed by the death of her lover. It turns out that this lost hand decided to avenge its owner to those who dared to offend him. And now the reprisal against Anne, who confessed to treason, is next in line...
Annie McEnroe takes off her purple striped sweater and reveals her perfect small breasts

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Size: 1920 x 1038

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