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Marisa Tomei, Danay Garcia Nude

Marisa Tomei, Danay Garcia "Danika" (2006)

Danay Garcia -Danika- Marisa Tomei, Danay Garcia -Danika- Danay Garcia -Danika- Danay Garcia -Danika-

Danika (Marisa Tomei) gives the impression of a very tired, anxious woman. She lies under the covers, fenced off from everything, repeating her sacramental phrase "everything will be fine." Danika is surrounded by a cruel and dangerous world, be it books, games, news, the world from which she wants to protect her children in the first place. Sometimes reaching the point of absurdity. But all her behavior is easy to explain and understand. This theme of mother and child, care and excessive guardianship, the material and inner world is seen in everything.
Danay Garcia gets into bed with Marisa Tomei, ties the arm with a tourniquet and injects.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 640 x 272

1:38 ; 17,6mb