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Linda Batista, Kate Sanders Nude

Linda Batista, Kate Sanders "Los Borgia" (2006)

Linda Batista -Los Borgia- -Los Borgia- Linda Batista -Los Borgia- -Los Borgia-
Kate Sanders -Los Borgia- Linda Batista -Los Borgia- Kate Sanders -Los Borgia- Linda Batista -Los Borgia-

Borgia - an old Spanish noble family from the city of Aragon. This family is considered a synonym for all human atrocities and vices. This clan in 1492 achieved unlimited power in the country by enthroning Cardinal Rodrigo. But the power of this clan went down in history as mixed with blood, cruelty and betrayal. Borgia were the first mafia clan. But besides the fact that bribery, murder, incest and violence were inextricably linked with the name of these Spanish Italians, they were first and foremost a Family.
A man grabs by the throat Linda Batista, who is sitting naked on the bed.
Waking up, naked Kate Sanders puts on clothes.

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Size: 1920 x 870

3:09 ; 206mb