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Peggy Leray Nude

Peggy Leray "Un ami parfait" (2006)

Peggy Leray -Un ami parfait- -Un ami parfait- Peggy Leray -Un ami parfait- -Un ami parfait-

Julien Rossi, having woken up after a heavy oblivion in a hospital bed, realizes that he does not remember anything from the last few months of his life. Next to him is not his beloved wife, who for some reason went to his best friend Lucas. His place in the editorial office no longer belongs to him, and the journalistic investigation that he led has reached a dead end. Julien, hoping to get to the bottom of the true picture of what happened to him, begins again his unfinished business.
Peggy Leray topless dancing striptease.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 368

0:35 ; 11,7mb