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Leticia Dolera, Rosana Pastor Nude

Leticia Dolera, Rosana Pastor "The Emperor's Wife" (2003)

Leticia Dolera -The Emperor's Wife- Leticia Dolera -The Emperor's Wife- Rosana Pastor -The Emperor's Wife- Leticia Dolera -The Emperor's Wife-

Six years have passed since the marriage of the Emperor and the Empress (Rosana Pastor), but the august wife could not get pregnant, and the Emperor remembered the existence of an ancient law - if the Empress does not conceive within seven years, then the sovereign has the right to find himself a new wife. With the light hand of the Chamberlain, a candidate was quickly found - this alliance is useful both to the Emperor personally and to the Empire as a whole. The girl (Leticia Dolera) is painstakingly prepared for a new role, but in the meantime the Empress finds out about it. And again the Chamberlain helps the hosts, because he is on the side of the Law, perhaps the only one from the entire state.
Leticia Dolera takes a bath and the soap suds covers her naked body.
The Emperor lowers Rosana Pastor's green dress and caresses her bare back and chest.

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