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Natassia Malthe Nude

Natassia Malthe "Stark Raving Mad" (2002)

Natassia Malthe -Stark Raving Mad- Natassia Malthe -Stark Raving Mad- Natassia Malthe -Stark Raving Mad- Natassia Malthe -Stark Raving Mad-

Club manager Ben McGewan pays off his murdered brother's debts to a local mobster. And in order to pay off the debt, Ben decides to pull off a small business, which is a robbery of a couple of bank cells, which are located exactly under the club. He devises a plan to carry out a daring robbery during a rave show that will be held at a club near the bank. His team has only seven hours to break the wall, break into the vault and take the money. It would seem that the plan is impossibly simple, but fate, as usual, presents its surprises. On the way to money, Ben and his team face thousands of obstacles and difficulties - these are the Chinese mafia, and Irish terrorists, and federal agents, and unbridled and arrogant transvestites, and even, it is not clear where the boa constrictor came from.
Natassia Malthe lifts up her dress and shows her bush and ass to prove that she is a real blonde.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1080

0:12 ; 12,4mb