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Elena Safonova Nude

Elena Safonova "Babochki" (1991)

Elena Safonova -Babochki- Elena Safonova -Babochki- Elena Safonova -Babochki- Elena Safonova -Babochki-

A photographer hides in an abandoned communal apartment from the persecution of bandits. His wife (Elena Safonova) unexpectedly arrives at the secret hideout. The turbulent perestroika years separated them. Former spouses meet as if by chance, but in fact, not. Hiding from the outside world, the spouses suddenly realize that the years they lived without each other did not exist at all, they still love each other. They remember the joys and experiences of living together. But the issue of criminals hunting for compromising photographs is still not resolved. And what the wife knows about it.
Naked Elena Safonova makes love in front of a TV from which an elderly member of the CPSU is broadcasting something.

Bit rate: 1000kbps
Size: 720 x 544

0:51 ; 7,53mb