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Marina Zudina, Larisa Khusnullina Nude

Marina Zudina, Larisa Khusnullina "Mute Witness" (1994)

Marina Zudina -Mute Witness- Marina Zudina -Mute Witness- Larisa Khusnullina -Mute Witness- Marina Zudina -Mute Witness-

American Billy (Marina Zudina), a mute girl, make-up specialist, works with a film crew in Moscow. One day, returning for a thing forgotten in the studio, she finds out that in the same studio they are secretly filming a porn film in which the actress (Larisa Khusnullina) suddenly starts to be beaten, and then they are killed for real. Billy, horrified, tries to run away, but she is spotted and gives chase. The girl still manages to escape and even tell the police about the murder, but the corpse is nowhere to be found, and the cameraman and the actor claim that it was just filming. As if the actress had already returned home a long time ago, and Billy was mistaken, she misunderstood everything. They do not believe in her story, but... Now she is a dangerous witness. And while she is alive, the promised money for the film "filmmakers" will not receive from the customer. And for her life she will have to fight desperately, without any hope of help.
Marina Zudina opens her dressing gown and shines her naked bodies out the window.
Naked Larisa Khusnullina gets fucked on camera.

Bit rate: 2000kbps
Size: 704 x 288

1:40 ; 29,2mb