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Parker Posey Nude

Parker Posey "Sleep with Me" (1994)

Parker Posey -Sleep with Me- Parker Posey -Sleep with Me- Parker Posey -Sleep with Me- Parker Posey -Sleep with Me-

Sarah (Meg Tilly) and Joseph love each other, have a serious relationship, and soon become husband and wife. But when this event happened, it suddenly dawned on Joseph Frank's friend that he, too, was madly in love with Sarah. Real jealousy instills in him, which becomes the cause of a serious quarrel. He hates the idea that he is the third wheel. Free in manifestations of feelings, men at the moment of concluding a marriage union instantly turn into narcissistic egoists who do not want to give in to each other yesterday, a common friend that was still no one's.
A guy kisses and caresses Parker Posey's bare boobs after she takes off her black blouse.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1040

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