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Madchen Amick Nude

Madchen Amick "Dream Lover" (1994)

Madchen Amick -Dream Lover- Madchen Amick -Dream Lover- Madchen Amick -Dream Lover- Madchen Amick -Dream Lover-

Ray's life goes downhill: his marriage falls apart, hard times come in business. He sinks deeper and deeper into depression. But then fate brings him to a charming stranger, on whom he knocks over a glass. The stranger's name is Lena (Madchen Amick). She seems to Ray the very perfection, she is tender and passionate. They soon get married and have a daughter. However, the past catches up with them suddenly: a woman who accidentally passes by them in a cafe calls the girl by a completely different name.
After having sex naked Madchen Amick gets up from the bed and goes to the bathroom.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1040

2:01 ; 131mb