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Bulle Ogier, Valerie Lagrange Nude

Bulle Ogier, Valerie Lagrange "La Vallee" (1972)

Bulle Ogier -La Vallee- Valerie Lagrange -La Vallee- Valerie Lagrange -La Vallee- Valerie Lagrange -La Vallee-

A spoilt successful young resident of the French capital Viviane (Bulle Ogier), tired of the usual life in the big city, falls in love with a free traveler travels Olivier find go to New Guinea in search of a new experience. There, in search of a mystery valley, Viviane is introduced to the religion of the ancient natives, leading a primitive way of life, become addicted to promiscuous sex and drugs, and tries to find the hard way back.
Topless Valerie Lagrange takes part in the Aboriginal ritual and allows them to paint their face.
The guy kisses Bulle Ogier and caresses her bare chest.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 816

3:13 ; 147mb