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Eva van de Wijdeven, Maria Kraakman Nude

Eva van de Wijdeven, Maria Kraakman "Schneider vs. Bax" (2015)

Eva van de Wijdeven -Schneider vs. Bax- Eva van de Wijdeven -Schneider vs. Bax- Maria Kraakman -Schneider vs. Bax- Eva van de Wijdeven -Schneider vs. Bax-

Schneider is a professional killer. He gets the job done quickly and is used to following irregular schedules rather than his own desires. But this time, the killer refuses to take on the task, because the work must be done on his own birthday. The persistent boss does not even think about retreating and insists on a meeting. After much persuasion, the birthday boy makes concessions and breaks his promise to his wife Lucy. He leaves his wife to take care of the house and meet guests, and he goes to important negotiations. As it turns out, his target is an ordinary writer, Ramon Bax. The man lives in a house in the middle of a swampy area and leads a reclusive lifestyle. Schneider it seems that the task could not be easier. The killer agrees to complete the mission for a decent fee and expects to complete it before the gala dinner. But the plans of the hero are not destined to come true. Not only does the daughter of Francisca (Maria Kraakman) come to visit the writer, who arranges a scandal for her father, the profession of the victim also turns out to be a convenient cover. It turns out that Bax also works as a mercenary and recently received an order for a colleague. Confrontation is inevitable.
Maria Kraakman sits naked on a chair at gunpoint.
Eva van de Wijdeven stands naked underwater until the guy is kicked out  her of the shower.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 800

0:55 ; 118mb