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Alexis Kendra, Sarah Agor, Charlayne DeVillier Nude

Alexis Kendra, Sarah Agor, Charlayne DeVillier "Hatchet II" (2010)

Alexis Kendra -Hatchet II- Charlayne DeVillier -Hatchet II- Sarah Agor -Hatchet II- Charlayne DeVillier -Hatchet II-

Marybeth, a pretty young girl who managed to escape from the ax of the immortal maniac Victor Crowley and finally reach civilization. Not wanting to leave the nearby swamps under the control of a killer who completely refuses to die, Marybeth heads straight to the abode of a mysterious swindler, Reverend Zombie, to use him to gather a squad of fearless fighters, ready to go into the maniac's lairs in order to deal with him once and for all. However, Crowley himself did not doze off, embittered to the whole world by the fact that one of the victims escaped from his paws, he did not waste time, replenishing the arsenal of weapons with numerous specimens that directly ask to be thrust into someone's fresh flesh.
Sarah Agor shows her bare breasts to the camera.
Fully naked Charlayne DeVillier rolls around on the bed and poses for the camera.
Alexis Kendra takes off her shirts in a dark forest and exposes her boobs.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1080

0:55 ; 61,2mb