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Aura Garrido Nude

Aura Garrido "El cuerpo" (2012)

Aura Garrido -El cuerpo- Aura Garrido -El cuerpo- Aura Garrido -El cuerpo- Aura Garrido -El cuerpo-

Chemistry professor Alex Ulloa became a wealthy widower after the death of his wife Mayka. When the corpse of his wife suddenly disappears from the morgue, the police become suspicious of him. And they are not entirely false - Mayka was much older than her husband and had a bitchy character, and Alex, according to rumors, had a young attractive girlfriend (Aura Garrido). The night watchman of the premises from which the corpse was stolen is hit by a car while fleeing and cannot testify.
Aura Garrido has hot sex with a guy and enjoys kissing her bare breasts.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1916 x 800

0:15 ; 17,5mb