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Irene Cara, Nora Catrone, Antonia Franceschi Nude

Irene Cara, Nora Catrone, Antonia Franceschi "Fame" (1980)

Nora Catrone -Fame- Irene Cara -Fame- Antonia Franceschi -Fame- -Fame-

The heroes of the film - students and graduates of the New York school of performing arts: musicians, singers and dancers of different styles - from classical to rock. All are obsessed with the passion for achieving immediate success, but in actual fact, it is necessary grueling, exhausting work day after day, for several years, if honestly - the rest of your life...
A bunch of horny guys gets around the dressing room to look into Antonia's bra, Nora's beautiful boobs and other changing clothes girls.
Irene Cara undressed and shows teeny tits on TV.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1080

1:12 ; 82,8mb