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Irene Cara Nude

Irene Cara "Certain Fury" (1985)

Irene Cara -Certain Fury- Irene Cara -Certain Fury- Irene Cara -Certain Fury- Irene Cara -Certain Fury-

Two cute girls, impudent blonde Scarlet and modest Afro-American Tracy (Irene Cara) were waiting for the sentence in the court of justice. A couple of convicted prostitutes trying to get freedom start a firing in the courthouse and other people had no choice, except runs away in the panic. Police think that Tracy and Scarlet guilty in the gunfire. Girls are forced to flee from double persecution. Police try to set girls in jail, drug dealers want takes their lives.
We see tits of Irene Cara through her shirt until she gets naked and enters to shower where show us her little boobs and bush.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 1040

3:05 ; 205mb