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Inma Cuesta Nude

Inma Cuesta "Primos" (2011)

Inma Cuesta -Primos- Inma Cuesta -Primos- Inma Cuesta -Primos- Inma Cuesta -Primos-

The bride, Yolanda, before the wedding, leaving Diego. In the church he told to guests that the wedding was canceled, and with two cousins he decides to go to the small town, where they spend their vacation earlier, for been through a hard time. There Diego meets his the first love Martina (Inma Cuesta) and her son. When Diego and Martina renewed their relationships, Yolanda comes to a village and tries to take Diego back. Diego must choose whom he really loves.
Inma Cuesta sits on the beach topless under the sun and shows us her gorgeous breasts.

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Size: 704 x 368

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