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Inma Cuesta Nude

Inma Cuesta "La novia" (2015)

Inma Cuesta -La novia- Inma Cuesta -La novia- Inma Cuesta -La novia- Inma Cuesta -La novia-

Novia (Inma Cuesta), Novio and Leonardo three inseparable best friends since the childhood. They grow up and their relationships become to complicate. Novia and Novio preparing for the wedding, but girl suddenly realizes that she does not love her fiance and all her feelings belong to Leonardo, who had a long time to be just a friend. The tension between three people, that has always existed, brings to a tragic finale.
Inma Cuesta takes off her shirt and skirt and looks in a mirror where we see her naked reflection. Inma lays on the ground with a bare breast.

Bit rate: 8000kbps
Size: 1920 x 804

1:36 ; 108mb